Sunday, February 9, 2014


Lavender is extremely useful and varied in purpose. You can find countless lavender aromatherapy products anywhere you go, and that is because it's fragrance is extremely calming. Lavender essential oil is extremely concentrated and far more powerful than any lavender product you might run across.

Lavender is great for minor skin conditions like small cuts, burns and bug bites.

Putting lavender on the back of the neck or taking it in a capsule with lemon and peppermint is effective for allergy relief.

Lavender is extremely calming. Putting several drops in a diffuser is a great way to breathe it in and help you calm down. You can put it on your neck and wrists as well. 

My favorite use of lavender is rubbing a drop on each foot at bedtime. I get deep sleep every night I do it, and it helps me fall asleep faster.

Diffuse it in your bedroom or your children's bedroom at nighttime to aid in sleep, as well.